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Getting Blown Away on Texel

Last weekend we went island hopping :D

Well one island doesn’t really qualify as hopping, so we island hopped to Texel.  A smallish (30 km long) island north of Amsterdam. Once there we rented bikes and spent the four day weekend bumming around this beautiful pancake of an island.

As we biked up and down the island, we did battled winds so fierce that pedaling was required to go downhill.  If it wasn’t for the wind, the biking would have been a trivial effort, most of the island is a polder (drained marsh) so its flatter than Kanas.  On Saturday the wind was blowing so hard that when my bike blew a tire we were almost relieved that we had an excuse to take the bus.  However, it could have blown a little closer to a town. 3 km walking a bike isn’t something I’m eager to.

So besides biking, oooing at the sheep covered landscape and then sitting down to eat said sheep (Texel is famous for their mutton and lamb), I managed to find some time for the important things in my life.

Writing.  I wish I could say I was writing up a storm but I did at least manage to put an eight thousand word dent in this novel I’m writing and I read the Dragon’s Path by Daniel Abraham on the way home; which you should read simply because Daniel is an expert in getting you to sympathize with truly deplorable people.  Also Daniel is a swell name and I happen to be fond of it. ;)

Tuesday was a fix-the-comic day. It wasn’t nearly as productive as it was supposed to as I have a terminal case of Nintendo fanboyism and Nintendo’s  E3 press conference was going on while I was working.  But I did manage finally to fix those two typos.  Should have some book news for you soon so stay tuned for that.

Cheers y’all.

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Book news you say? I can’t wait to get my hands on chapters 5-8 as well. The first volume was a thing of beauty, and I suspect vol.2 to live up to it.

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