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Ask me stuff with formspring.

Hey all,  Next week I’m setting the novel aside and diving back into scripting Walking the Lethe.  Want to help me get my creative goo flowing?  Ask me a question about the comic on my formspring account and I shall answer (although I will avoid spoilers).

Also I’m thinking about organizing regular Walking the Lethe chats if there is interest.  Get to know me and your fellow readers.  I’ll probably come armed with a few sneak peeks.  Saturdays at nine sound good to everyone?  (That’s 3 pm eastern for everyone in the states.)  Do you IRC or would you prefer something like livestream or tinychat?

Thanks for Reading.


I’d love to, but I’m busy around that time. You may want to consider doing Ustream broadcasts or something similar, esp. since you could earn some income from adverts on that.

Hmm – somehow I missed the fact that you were doing a novel. I would like to offer my services for copy editing; I will do it for barter – a copy of the published novel and buy me something from my wish list. I’m really very good – I’m doing it this way for two reasons: 1) I’m just starting out, so don’t have much of a resume (just my experience as a writer/editor for my college newspaper) and 2) I’ve applied for disability and therefore cannot work if I am to get my payments. So … barter and try to get people to let me do what I really love – which is nitpick stuff and read. :-) Drop me a line if you’re interested. And if you want to know what sort of talent I have, you can contact Weston Kincade – author of “Invisible Dawn” and “A Life of Death.” All I did was send him some comments on “Invisible Dawn” and he’s offered to let me help with editing on his next novel. So, he can tell you I’m legit :-)

Thanks for your support Katy. I may take you up on copyediting at some point. I have to finish the content first. I’ve got about 25K to go on the novel and then 50% or more will probably be need to be scrapped. I’m months from the copyediting. Hopefully not that far from the content editing.

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