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Staring at the sun.

Its been completely beautiful outside this past week in the Netherlands.  Sunshine, shirt sleeves and new plant life is every where.  Oddly, all I want to do in the face of this strange weather is write my little heart out.  Never fear though, the wife is making sure I am getting plenty of healthy sun shine whether I want it or not.

Not a lot of news for you this week but here is something you all should be aware of.  The Webcomic Beacon has launched a new sort of sister podcast which collects all the news of the week that is relevant to webcomics into an entertaining, informational and occasionally sarcastic show oddly entitled: Webcomic Beacon Newscast. Brilliantly done.

Anyway, yours truly was shanghaied and pressed into service as a guest host for yesterday’s show and I had a good time talking about Kickstarter, metal pens and the invasion of the professional creators with Eric (of Exiern) and Ross (of The System).  If you are at all into the webcomic scene you should add it to your feeds so you can listen to the NEWS.

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Yeah, it’s been great weather here in the Netherlands lately, nature is so beautiful in spring :)

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