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Do you like Dragons?

Do you?  What’s the coolest thing about them?  The way they are used in fiction and comics.  What do you hate about them?  Are they over used? How so?

These questions are important, not fot WtL but for something else :D  Please post in the comments.


Well… Since Eragon, I’d say they ARE overused. Not that Eragon itself did this, I guess, but the wave coming after that did.
I don’t know what it is like somewhere else, but here in Germany we’re almost drowning in dragons of all kind, but mostly the kind ones. It seems that there aren’t any “bad dragons”, or at least dragons who are eating someone. Anyone. At all. Sometimes I think “My little pony” wasn’t enough anymore, and to catch some of the more adult audience, they made “My big dragon”.
What I’d like to read is a book about dragons which are far too arrogant to even speak with humans; beasts who rule the world, not serve some half-elve girl or stuff like that. They were mystical creatures once, but lately they became some uber dogs for humans who are too lazy to fight, or for authors who thought that dragon fights might be really cool. Guess they would be if the dragon would do anything dragon-like instead of flying like it’s “owner” wants it to. That’s no dragon anymore, that’s a mere shadow of what a dragon should be: independent, fearsome, meddling with the lifes of human out of pure fun.
Although I have to say that a totally new kind of dragon would be nice, too. Not the almighty ones who know everything since the beginning of time. But that’s another story.

The dragon from the PC game The Witcher 2 looks quite nice. Inspires fear and awe. Just look up ‘Witcher 2 dragon video’.
A true force of nature – Q: How do you fight a dragon? A: You don’t, you run!
Have a look at this video from the game

I am quite fond of Dragons – though I will say so far very few if any depictions have been anywhere near accurate.
Perhaps the Dragon in the Bedlam’s Bard series book who wanted a Faraday Cage built so he could access the internet from Underhill.
For one, Dragons are not reptiles, they are warm blooded and some have beards (goatees) and manes (sometimes mistaken for rows of horns down the neck).
And, I must agree with Al. Dragons are not “owned” nor “trained” by anyone. They are vastly intelligent, powerful beings. But, Dragons only seem to “know everything since the beginning of time” because over a long, long lifetime they do a lot of research and study… and reading. :)

I like dragons! I don’t think they are overused anymore than other fantasy tolkien race. (As in yes but who cares?) My favorite dragon lately is Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. He reluctantly teamed up with a human but eventually became comfortable. The wordless communication was great. :D

What I dislike about dragons is their treasure hoarding for vague or stupid reasons. If a dragon hoards treasure in a story it had better have a real reason for doing so. Messing with the economy, funding an army, draining magic out of relics… something more awe-inspiring than gold-makes-a-comfortable-bed.

I personally prefer the mythological dragon stories. In modern fantasy there should be at least some aura of mystery around them, and a clear distinction from the dumb reptilian kind.
@Diana: the treasure hoarding cliché probably comes from the Völsunga saga (Sigurd & Brynhild), where it is actually greed for the gold tresure that creates the dragon, rather than vice versa.

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