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Chapter seven art complete!

Thanks to everyone who commented on last week’s post.  You’ve all given me food for thought and demonstrated the width of people’s experiences when they themselves are imagining the imagery.  For some a single sentence that used in the example could work, if we had information on what a standard dragon appears as.  Others needed to know far more information before a workable image would form.  I’m going to blog more about this later  when I’m not running out to work.  Had a rather epic rpg session last night and I was not mentally capable of coherent thought afterwards.

In other news, the art work for chapter 7 is all done!  This one will literally blow you away.  I’ve got it more than half way lettered.  Hopefully I can finish it up this week and had time to typo hunt before I post it ;)

Adwarr’s just starting on the layouts for chapter 8, which starts with a duet between Astria and her boytoy.  Thing will break, I promise.

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