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Calling all Artists!

So this is a heads up for a haitus, far in advance.  The haitus will happen once chapter eight concludes.  Yep thats about 8 months away, sometime in January.  It will last a month or two as Adwarr and I hammer out the designs for the second volume of Walking the Lethe.  (Chapters 9 through 16)  These chapters will be much more experimental featuring a host of new and significantly changed characters.  Not to mention a setting where anything can happen.

During the hiatus  I’d like to run a short story about Mr. Done and any fanart you’d like to submit.  The script is complete and the job includes a page rate.  The short story will also be published as part of the second volume of Walking the Lethe.  I would be honored to have some who loves Walking the Lethe work with me on this project, instead of a new freelancer.  If you are interest in the job, email me at with links to your work.

Any fanart received will be displayed with a link to the website of your choice, provided it do not induce brain hemorrhages or computer implosions.

Cheers All!




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