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Traveling is good. Traveling is when I read.

I’m back home for a little bit now.  Quite tired from all the traveling.  Gotta go to back to work tomorrow, which will be a mighty battle against the demon call jet lag.  Alas we share the same ban, coffee, so I’ll have to fight him off with tea.

The best thing about nine hour flights?   They are excellent opportunities to chew through books I’ve been meaning to read.  On this trip I felled several.  Two of the John Cleaver novels by Dan Wells lay at my feet.  Both were great reads and I’m going to be reading the third one next week.  seeing the world through the eyes of  a sociopath has never been more fun.  I highly recommend them both.  However, both were mere popcorn compared to the Passage by Justin Cronin.

The Passage is something else entirely.  This 800 pager of biblically dense prose is a mythic epic.  It will receive its own post once my brain is reasonably coherent.  It is the first book I have encountered that makes me want to dissect to figure out how it ticks.

How have you found this book?

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