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I apparently pressed the wrong button back on sunday.  The comic thought it was a draft.  Fixed now!  Sorry for being a little late.

I was wondering why there were no new comments in my inbox at work.  :/



With every page of this I keep suspecting a catch more and more. I mean, the other two sisters pretty much did what they wanted with Richard and wasn’t Pride supposed to be the most dangerous of the three? She hasn’t even addressed the nature of the sin that she represents (embodies?), at least not directly. So I keep thinking along the lines of “yeah, right, you’re a great sorcerer Richard. You showed one of the three sisters of sin her place. Feeling… proud by any chance?”

I won’t be at all surprised if Richard, feeling all powerful, marches onward towards the top with his head high and as soon as the doors close behind him it’s evil laughter time for Pride. Or Pride offers him some sort of reward for his victory, other than letting Johnny go, and in accepting he does precisely what she wanted him to do…

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