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Moving along.

Hey all,

Things are very busy here in Maastricht, I had a conference to go to for work last week.  I’m trying to prep for the next one in three weeks.  I got hit over the head by an idea for a short story two weeks ago and rewriting it now.  Hoping to finish that up by tuesday and get back to scripting WtL.  Before that, I’m lettering the last few pages of chapter 6.

However, these pages are proving to be a struggle to letter.  With months between me and the script, these rather text heavy pages now seems awkward to me.   So I have to rewrite the dialog all over again.  Getting Utos’ right is the most difficult part, maintaining his aloofness while delivering rather biting commentary on Richard’s condition hung me up for over an hour today.

Also Amanda has not one but two new jobs this week.  This is awesome but she’ll have less time to work on the WtL projects she’s been pushing forward.  Still, I hope to announce some cool developements by the end of April.

Thank you all for reading.  Please continue to help us out by spreading the word about Walking the Lethe to your friends, family and random people on the street.  Tell them that Walking the Lethe is your favorite creepy flower on the internet.



Maastricht?! Nice dude! I myself am from Rotterdam, but anyway, Holland FTW :D BTW, love this comic!

Hey guys :D I’m not from Maastricht, I’m originally from New England in the USA. But I’ve been living in Maastricht for the last two years. Its a cool town, bit quiet except during carnivale season.

Wait wait wait, back up. You’re from Maastricht? I’m from Amersfoort!
I had no idea, that’s awesome!
Keep up the great comic :)

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