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Cool stuff for your ears: Escape Pod

I have the sort of job that while using both my hands and my brain, it doesn’t always use them at the same time.  Whether organizing spread sheets, measuring distances between two points on a video or performing routine surgery my mind needs to be kept quiet and docile while I work.  Thankfully I have podcasts to listen to.

I’d like to draw your attention to one of my Favorites: Escape Pod.  A weekly sci fi podcast.  The stories range from deep thinking about the nature of the universe to a Buddhist T-rex trying to save a the universe with the help of a blood thirsty auto gun and a creepy nano cloud.

I’d write more but I need to head to bed and you should just give it a listen:

This week’s story is about a girl and her giant teddy spider.  (Yes you read that right.)

Thank you for reading Walking the Lethe!


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