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Today’s Offering: I Should be Writing

I’ve talked about all the writing podcasts I listen to before.  Today I want to talk about just one: Mur Lafferty’s I Should Be Writing.  Unlike other podcasts that are more focused on technical aspects of writing such as characters, plots and story structure, ISBW focuses on the single most important thing you need to become a writer: Drive.  Yes the focus of most podcasts are interviews with successful professional writers and answering listener questions, but at its core, the podcast encourages listeners to sit their asses down and write.   Like everything else in life, it can be a struggle to find the time, the motivation and the willpower to turn off Tweetdeck and focus on a creative endeavor.   Mur understands this and struggles with it every day.  She isn’t that guy you know who writes circles around you without effort.  Mur fights for every word she gets on paper and as a slower writer myself, her struggles resonates with my own wrestling matches with the great white bull.

This podcast is more like a cathartic confessional than a class, Mur is there to encourage and occasionally cajole you with her message that yes writing is hard but dammit it’s worth it.  It’s a message that everyone who writes and dreams of making a living creativity can benefit from again and again.

Oh and the Good Cop, Bad Cop segments are always funny.

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