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Things accomplished and things to do.

Okay, Chapter 7 is done, Chapter 8 is done (scripted) and I’ve finished that Mr. Done side story.  Progress!  Now I’ve got to finish lettering chapter 6 and then go after chapter 9 with a hammer to pound all these nebulous plot ideas into something resembling coherence.  Whew.

The beat marches on!


Woah, Awesome page! I really love Malice! She’s totally going to make Rich have a mental breakdown or another outburst of mindless fury. Or both. Ican’t tell which would look more awesome…
Also, is that ‘little Malice’ ever gonna be born (or whatever you’d call it coming out of the ‘mother Malice’)? That’d be shocking for Rich and nightmare inducing for us readers!

Heh, I love how it’s a play on the phrase :evil begets evil and malice begets malice.” At least, that’s what first comes to my mind. :)

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