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Chapter 8 is Scripted!

WooHoo, personal victory for me.  Chapter 8 has been put to bed and I’m now certain I know how the Heaven arc ends.  Its not quite finished, as there are some minor edits that Amanda has suggested but I don’t forsee another complete rewrite in its future.  I need to to take a last look through Chapter 7 before I send it off to Adwarr.  He’ll be finishing up illustrating Chapter 6 this month.  Its got a few pages in it that are going cause retina burns from the awesome.

Once the last past on chapter 7 is done then I’ll be editing the first of series of short comics (8 pages or so) in the WtL universe but not part of the main narrative.  This one features Mr. Done and a character you’ll meet in Chapter 7.  I’m also toying with the idea of doing a prologue that will give some more background on Richard’s life before Astria.  It takes a while for the current narrative to establish Richard as a character and I always wonder if more folks would like the comic if Richard comes on the scene with a little more personality.  Thoughts?

Also,  my good friend Diana Stoneman is celebrated two years of doing Sweet and Sour Grapes! So if Malice has grossed you out head on over there and let her candy colored fantasy sooth you.  Oh and be sure to leave her a happy anniversary comment!

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