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Things to come!

So Mandy and I had the chance to sit down yesterday (over pannenkoken) and talk about what we want to do this year with Walking the Lethe.  Our ambitions are complicated by the fact that this will most likely be our last year in Maastricht.  We are financially responsible for moving ourselves back to the States so money is going to be a bit tight.  That means that we will not be doing any conventions this year unless we are invited by the organizers.  Which is too bad, since we have really enjoyed the conventions we have attended so far.  There is a silver lining through. This year’s focus will be right here. On you guys.

Here are some of the things we have planned:

  • Improve the Facebook page (Find it here and Like us if you haven’t already. That way you’ll be notified when it becomes Awesome.)
  • Book One will be released as an ebook with an exclusive short story and all the cover art included.  We’re hoping to get it into all the ebook stores.  We’re also going to try to make a special version for the Kindle, since we have one of those now.
  • Overhauling the supporter section. We love all of our readers but we love our supporters, who give us monthly donations and help insure the continuation of this story, just a little bit more.  We’re going to be improving the experiences for our supporters and hopefully increasing the amount of goodies they’ll be getting.  I’ll be talking much more about it in the coming months.
  • And as a personal goal, I want to have the entirety of Walking the Lethe scripted out within six months.  Right now I have an outline and I do a fair bit of rewriting but it’s high time I nail every thing down.  A rough draft of the next five years will really let me make the entire story sing.  So I’ll be attempting to produce sixteen pages of script a week for the next six month.  (I just did that math… gulp.  That might not be entirely realistic, but it will be quite the challenge.)
  • Is there any thing that you’d like to suggest?  Leave a comment.

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Other than keep making an amazing story, I’d suggest perhaps going for 8 a week for the next 12. That still gives you plenty of time for “future retcons” as you smooth the storyboards out. Besides, if you feel you can make 16 in a week, go ahead! I’d just be afraid of burn-out or brain-fry. Whichever way you go, I’m sure it’ll be amazing!


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