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I Love Malice

I have been waiting for what seems like forever to show this page to you guys.  This is Malice. She is an unadulterated monster and out of the three sisters of sin I love her the most.  While the two others pretend to be beautiful, acceptable sins you really cannot sugar coat Malice.  It’s ugly and it doesn’t hide it well.  It was a lot of fun to design a character that is purposely repulsive and to amp it up a notch. I took the concept of Malice breeding more Malice to a literal level.

In the original draft of the script Malice was the third sin that Richard confronted.  This was, as many of you have concluded, a direct reference to the beginning of Dante’s inferno, where he met a leopard, a lion and finally a she-wolf that drove him off.  Various plots and rewrites later, Malice was demoted and became the middle sister for reasons that will be clear later.  Another change, she was originally set to arrive on a 747 that crashed into the building, but the sequence didn’t do anything for the actual plot except look cool.  It was cut and rewritten into the current sequence right before I sent it to Adwarr.  It should be eye popping.

That is all.  I just wanted to gush about this character a little.  I hope you love Malice too.


Very cool Dante’s Inferno reference and the design of the creature is stellar. That’s one frightening and original looking monster!

Woah, AMAZING! I love the way you designed Malice. Really no point of beautifying it here. Really made of win! Can’t wait for the next update!
Also: Judging from what Ignorance and drunk Johnny said, Richard should consider that, going to heaven to find Catherine, he might be heading the totally wrong way…

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