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And we’re back!

Okay we’re back at the Helm!  We had a great holiday break, visiting relatives in Vermont, Michigan and Boston.  Then my sister got married on January 8th, that was a very happy day.  I hope to find out about their how their honeymoon went very soon.  Beyond the family stuff, I’ve finished a rewrite of chapter 7 and thanks to our new kindle we’re both caught up on the Dresden files series (Yes we both read seven novels to catch up).  We are waiting for the next one like hungry piranhas.

We got back in Maastricht on Thursday night after what had to be the most frustrating travel experience ever.  We were suppose to be back on wednesday morning.  Jet lag and pure exhaustion hit us both pretty hard, we’re still trying to get ourselves organized and put our apartment back together.

I need to get back on top of all the comic stuff I need to do.  Lettering chapter six is first on the list.  Hope everyone else had a happy holiday.


Oh… I expected ectoplasmatical carnage but yesss, an officially looking party/funeral is fine too. Makes the story all the more interesting.
So, just to make sure I get this right: Richard has left the ’1st floor’(aka. the area where he met Ignorance). Did he now take the lift to the ’2nd floor’, or to the area where Johnny is being attacked by the reapers? Or are those places the same thing?
This comic is a little confusing but awesome and thrilling! Love it!

Sorry for the confusion. Utos and Johnny are on a completely separate path to the top of the tower. They don’t necessarily meet until the end. The tower whatever it’s residents want it to be.

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