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The Titterings of Titanic Tentacles

In the deep darkness of the spaces in between lurk the dead gods, misshapen things that never truly lived but refuse to die.  They reach into our world and leave only madness in their wake.  The madness can reach deep into your very soul and cause one to do very strange things, gibber in the darkness, play tic-tac tow on their chest with red lipstick or maybe, if they are exceedingly unfortunate, their hands move of volition and create comics.  Not just any comics but comics that bare the name of the forbidden one, who does not appear in standard spellcheck dictionaries: Cthulhu.

Go and read the best ones out there.

Love Craft is Missing is one of those comics that makes you pound the next button frantically when you realize you hit the end of the archives.  Its full color with big, beautiful pages with just a touch of LSD flavoring.  It really captures the feeling of adventure as a rag tag group tries to shine some light into the darkness that seems to be flooding this vivid world of the 1920s.   Its solidly in the middle of the story now.

Watcher of Yaathagggu is probably one of more surreal comics on the web (that I like).  In a world that has mostly been devoured by darkness,  city Yaathagggu, with its ever burning light houses watches over the remains of humanity.  The word here is Lovecraft Punk, 1920 steam punk like technology existing along side a biotech that seems to have preference for tentacles.  The story follows one of the Watchers who maintain the light houses, in the wake of it going dark.  I feel the story is just getting rolling now and it should be a very cool ride.

Are there any other Lovecraftian comics that I should be aware of?


I’ve just spend most of the evening reading through Lovecraft is Missing. I’m not really knowledgeable about anything concerning our dear H.P. Lovecraft, but now I’m hooked. Thanks for the tip ^^

I’m admittedly not a huge fan of the original material but the Cuthulu mythos makes for some absolutely awesome stories. And Parodies, like the penny arcade video game which I absolutely loved.

Check out Riven Sol ( Pretty good so far, not too far into the story. Getting good, and the 3d illustrations are getting better. I’m a fan.

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