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Let it Snow! (And not slush)

Its starting to look a lot like Christmas around here.  Its snowed three time already in Maastricht, a city that usually only gets a flurry a year.  Haven’t gotten much at a time, about an inch at most, just enough to turn everything white and give me the urge to sing christmas carol on my way into work via my bike.  (Which is a fun way to freak out the locals, the Dutch hate the snow unless they’re on a ski vacation.)

We’re cranking away on the comic.  Just have to letter the last page of chapter 5 and then its all set.   Then I’ll start reworking chapter 7 while Adwarr is doing some amazing work with Chapter 6.

Thank you for reading!


Jup, the snow.. It’s nice. When you’re looking at it from your warm, cozy bed and you don’t have to move anytime soon. Otherwise? I think I’ll go typically Dutch and complain about it xD

And nice to know the work on the upcoming chapters seems to be going fine ^^

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