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Holiday Schedule is normal schedule

The holidays are here!  Despite the frenzy of activity and stress, it’s my favorite time of the year.  This year is particularly hectic because my sister is getting married.  More nerve wracking however is that my parents have insisted on a copy of the comic for christmas.  The prospect of them reading the comic makes me feel like a five year old that’s been naughty.  I’ve never been entirely comfortable showing my family the weirdness inside my head and reading the comic is like popping me open and having a looksee.   Maybe they’ll love it.  Maybe >.>

Anyway, the comic will run normally through the season, so while all the other comics are filled with joyious christmas filler, Richard will continue to battle his demons.  I, however, will be scarce and probably without regular access to the internet for the rest of December at least.  So please enjoy the end of Chapter 4  and we’ll be celebrating Walking the Lethe’s first year of existance together when we get back in January.

Happy Holidays everyone!.

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