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RSS Hiccups, Site Tweaks

The eternal battle with the RSS feed continues.  A commentator let us know last week that RSS posts are sometimes arriving days late.  So we have reset the feed.  Crossing our fingers that it works this time.  Please let us know if it continues to act like a drunken postal carrier.

We’ve also taken the opportunity to tweak the site a little.  Moved the twitter feed to where there was a possibility for somebody to see it and several other tweaks.

In other news I’ve finished up my attempt at Nanowrimo, resulting in a very rough short story that’s about 25K words long.  Someday I’ll have to edited it and do something with it but for now I’m back to lettering chapter 5, polishing up the dialog as I do so.

We have a new sharing incentive today!  Its the top panel of today’s comic in hi-Res!  Please support the comic by spreading the word, donating or buying something from the store!  Thank you!

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