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MCM EXPO report!

MCM Expo, WOW.  Big awesome show, the likes of which I have never seen before.  It’s somewhat like looking up at a titanic  mountain and then realizing that yes, you have to climb it.

We were in the far corner of the Comics Village which was in the far corner of the huge floor, however despite the exotic location there was always a steady stream of traffic past our table and I had no trouble passing out over a thousand flyers.  A few readers found us, which made my day to meet you guys in person.  The first book was sold to reader Lindsey, who ran off before I remembered to ask for a photo.  Most of our books went to folks who got sucked into Adwarr’s intense imagery which stood in stark contrast to the ocean of cute that was this huge manga-oriented convention.  Amanda dressed up as Ignorance, sporting horns, spots and a flexible tail on Saturday also helped.  (If anyone reading this took a picture of her costume we’d love to see it.)

Beyond the thrill of getting our books into people’s hands, conventions are all about people and the MCM expo was loaded with cool people.  First on the list of awesome folks are Steve of Dark Places who roomed with us and Yamino of Sister Claire who booked the table next to ours.  We also got to hang out whole bunch of comics folks, including Simon of Simon’s Cat and his crew, our friend Dan Wild, talked to Gary Erskine and saw lots of other folks we met at the THING! the last time we were in London.

Then there were the cosplay costumes.  Holy crap there were so many excellent costumes at this con, just looking at them all was easily worth the price of admission.

This is Jade, sporting an awesome Etna costume. One of the many people who now own the book :D

Click here to see more pictures of both readers and general coolness that this con contained.

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