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We’re at the MCM Expo this Weekend!

By the time you read this we will be on our way to London!

We are exhibiting at the MCM expo from Friday the 29th to Sunday the 31st.  We have table 90 in the comics village, right near the comics stage and the Simon’s Cat booth.  We’re exhibiting coordination with/right next to  Yamino of Sister Claire.  (We were going to share tables but the price was lower than expected so we each got our own.)  We’re also near Steve Dismukes of Dark Places.  Both of them are selling some kick ass posters so check both of them out.

So what do we have?

Amanda and I will be selling the books (15 pounds), prints (including poster sized chapter 3 covers) and quite a few nifty buttons.  If you come and visit us you can get all three (A book, a print and a button) for just 20 pounds!  Oh, and on Saturday Ignorance will be prowling around the table posing for pictures.

Stop by and I’ll give you a button for free if you can tell me where Utos’ office is.

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