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Website Redesign, Bigger and Better!

Welcome to the Walking the Lethe site Version 2.0!   Amanda’s been working on it for about a month and we hope you like it as much as we do.  The comic is bigger now, wider by almost a 100 pixels so it should be far easier for everyone to see and read what’s going on.  Please take notice of all the sharing options to the left to help the comic grow.  The most recent comment will also appear there.

Still have a little bit more to do.  We’re going to add an ad banner in the header and then a rotating banner next to the blog of the web comics I personally recommend.

So what do you think of the new look?  Better?  Worse?  Do you have any suggestions for tweaks?


Yessss~ Larger pages help a lot! I could tell there was a lot of detail I was missing before.

Glad you like the larger format. It really was a pity how my old design was disguising so much of Adwarr’s detail.

I appreciate the bigger version too, but I’m actually here to report a small bug. The side ad banner by Project Wonderful slightly overlaps the comic itself (the page number itself is half-covered). This happens in Opera, Chrome, Firefox and IE.

But the layout is great! Good job!

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