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Sharing Incentives

I cannot believe we’ve finished chapter 3 already. It’s the end of the beginning as Richard leaves the bounds of physical reality to embark on his quest.  We’ve been online for just over nine months now and Adwarr has done a jaw dropping job on this chapter.  To celebrate we would like your help, both spreading the word and testing a new feature: sharing incentives.

You are all probably familiar with webcomic top-list sites like or similar.  In exchange for a vote you get to see a small extra from the comic.  What we have is similar, except instead of a vote on a top-list you will be sharing the comic on Facebook or Twitter.  Unlike a top-list where you have to be in the top 20 for your vote to actually help a comic get traffic, every single tweet or sharing via Facebook has the potential to find new readers.

So we’re starting off with a doozy of an incentive.  Today’s page: colored and at its original resolution. You can see every tiny detail that Adwarr squeezed into it.  Just click on the button, follow the instructions, and you will be instructed to sign into Twitter or Facebook via an app called Pay with a Tweet and post a message which you can customize to either account.  Once the post is confirmed you can then download the incentive.  Easy as petting a kitten.

This first incentive is a beta test of the system and the idea.  Please let us know what you think of it, either in the comments or by emailing me.   We’re in the midst of a total site overhaul and we’re planning on making the incentives a weekly feature.  Most incentives will be smaller; sketches, particularly pretty panels without speech balloons, the current page re-lettered humorously (what Johnny was actually thinking) with occasional bigger incentives such as past wallpapers.  All incentives will be archived in the Supporter section after they are replaced with a new incentive.

Please give it a try and help Walking the Lethe grow.


Great idea! I’ve already downloaded the extra and paid with a tweet. It’s a great way for you to spread the word about WTL, and it’s a honest price to pay for us to get something more. Also, it’s some great artwork!

Keep up the great job! I can’t wait for Chapter 4!

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