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How are you guys?  Good I hope.  I’ve been busy, work has been kicking my butt as I madly attempt to prep for a conference in Paris next week.

I’ve got News!

First: The preorder ends on Sunday!  Order your books now!

Second:  Walking the Lethe is now available  on the iPhone/iTouch and iPad!  Right now chapter 1 and chapter 2 are free while chapter 3 is just $1.99.  New chapters will appear when the first page of the chapter hits the website.  So in October chapter 4 will be released.  All chapters besides the first two will cost $1.99.  Thanks to Morten over at for making the process so easy.

Third:  We’re going to be at the MCM Expo in London at the end of October!  A lot of our time has been going into prepping for this event.  We’re bringing 50 copies of the book, prints, buttons and all sorts of other stuff too.  We’ll be in artist alley (or Comic Village as they call it at the Expo) and right next to Yamino of Sister Claire! Its our first BIIIG con and we’re hoping to have a blast.  If you can make it, let us know and drop by our table.  Wait till you see Amanda’s costume on Saturday, she’s cosplaying a character we’ll see in chapter four, Cat-girl, Walking the Lethe style.  And that thought should keep you up at night.

Thanks for reading!

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