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Walking the Lethe Volume #1 is available for preorder!



Walking the Lethe Vol. 1, the print edition is coming: a book consisting of chapters one through four.  If you pre-order it now, I can get to you by the middle of November thanks to our six month buffer.  All the artwork for chapters one through four are penciled, inked, shaded and lettered.  All Done.  We just need to layout the book, add a few extras, such as footnotes and never before seen concept art, then send the files to the printer, all of which should be done by the end of the month.

We want to have the books in time for the London MCM Expo at the end of October, so we need to figure out how many books to print within a month from now. So we’re running a preorder from now August 12 to the 19th of September. So if you pre-order you can get the book for just 15 euros+S/H. That’s just shy of 20 USD (and shipping).  But since this is a pre-order, you’ll be getting some very interesting extras!

  • The book is signed by me.
  • You can ask Astria a single question and she will answer you. Your question and Astria’s answer will be on personalized postcard that will be included with the book.  You can ask her anything you want, from her favorite flavor of underwear to what she expects to happen to Richard. Only you will know the answer to your question.
  • A free month of access to the Supporter Site. On the back of the postcard will be a log in for one free month access to the supporter website where the comic runs an issue ahead.  So in November you will get your book, read all four chapters, and then you can log on to the supporter site and start reading chapter 5.    Because if you buy a book, you are a supporter.
  • Access to this month’s Supporter Wallpaper. Just specify your size and we’ll send it to your email.

So for 15 euro plus shipping and handling you get a signed book, you get to ask Astria any question you want and a free month access to the supporter site with all the donation wallpapers. Not bad for 15 euros.

Once the pre-order is over, the price will be increasing so please order now.
Thank you all for supporting Walking the Lethe.

Due to shipping & tax differences, please use the correct button for your region. If you order multiple books, we will contact you regarding S/H. Supporters are reminded to log into the supporters side to make their orders.

Thank you!

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