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Creeping pillar of death (and typos)

Been working on nonstop to assemble the book, we’ve just completed the first editing pass and discovered that I have a lot of fixing to do.  This week I’ll be squashing typos as fast as I can.  Once the book is at the printer by the 31st I’ll start replacing pages in the archive too.  So never fear grammar fans!   WtL is about to get all proper like. ;)

Every once in a while I stumble onto and discover comics that I find excellent and yet have next to no one reading them (according to project wonderful).  A comixtalk post pointed me to this particularly dark gem:  The Complex by Douglas Noble.  Four scientists wait in an abandoned research complex for the end of the world to reach them.  Its a dark, moody tale that takes both its characters and situation seriously.  Its almost done with one chapter to go.  Very worth reading it now and then waiting for this last chapter.  Its going to be a doozy I bet.

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