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Walking the Lethe On the Kindle

Hey everyone, I’m in the midst of formating Walking the Lethe for the Kindle, particularly the Kindle DX.  A friend of mine showed me his last week and I was astonished how good the cover of the book he was reading looked for only having 16 shades of grey.  So I’m giving it a go with Walking the Lethe.  I had originally intended was offering the first chapter or two of WtL on the kindle for free and charge a small fee for the chapters after that.  Unfortunately amazon forces you do charge at least a dollar and consumes most of that dollar themselves.  So I’m thinking of offering the Mobli files here as well.  Download the first two chapters for free and a small fee (waived for supporters) for the later chapters.

Would you be interested in seeing this happen?  How much should I charge?  And what small additions would make this worthwhile to you?

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