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Getting Better at this.

One of the things I really love about creating Walking the Lethe is the sensation of progress. If you do something regularly you get better at it. It’s kinda a law of creative development, more mutable than the laws of Physics but present just the same. I’ve now been working on this story for two years now and busting my tail on it for a year.  I can now look at chapter 1 and see the errors in pacing, dialog and all those little things that I want to fix. And yet, issue 1 is the product of nearly six months of work, it went through five revisions, far more than any other chapter. It began life as a prose story and the first draft was converted into a comic script. If your planning on creating your own comic, let me tell ya: DON’T DO THAT! That was my first lesson in writing comics. If you want to tell a story with comic, write it as a comic first, converting it from a different medium into a comic makes the revision process a nightmare because of the view point difference. In prose your are inside the characters, in comics you are outside the characters, and you have to structure the stories very differently. Every single chapter I write brings new lessons, often after its too late to revise any further, but such is life.

I’m also getting faster, which is very exciting to me as I’m a life long slow writer. On days were all I’m doing is writing I can produce eight pages or more of script and even if its a bad day I can get five out. These days are very few and far between of course. Still its extremely gratifying to look at six month ago where 3 in a day was doing well. Although, First drafts are always rubbish, I can churn out rubbish at a much faster rate. Revisions are also going better, spats of indecision are of shorter duration. The story, the characters and everything else is getting better as we go along. This is perhaps not surprising but it makes me happy. Thank you for letting me babble about it.

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