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Thank You Sam!

In a week we will be putting up the last page of issue 2, this will also be Sam Ireland’s last page as the artist for Walking the Lethe.  Starting with issue 3, Walking the Lethe is drawn and inked by the amazing Aditia Wardhana who I look forward to introducing to you but now I’d like to take a moment to thank Sam for his awesome work on these first two chapters.

Sam took my early scripts (which were more than a little rough around the edges) and forged it into the shadowy story transpiring in the box above this post.  He wasn’t afraid to tell me point blank when something wasn’t working with the script and his solutions definitely improved the flow of the story.

Please join me in thanking Sam for all his hard work on Walking the Lethe. Go to his Deviant Art, leave him a note and then marvel at what he can do with full color.

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