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Talking about Comics: War and Death can be amusing edition

Well this one is a long time coming but I was waiting for this one to come back from a trip to Japan induced haitus.  Ladies and Gents may I recommend to you the following kick assery for your perusal, the I’m the british bad ass in the middle of the middle east webcomic: Hard Graft.  Written by Peter Vine  and drawn by several different artists (including Jules Rivera of Marsh Rocket), all bringing an excellent black and white look to the fast moving and explosion filled story.  (Note to self, Walking the Lethe needs more explosions.)

What I really love about Hard Graft (besides the aforementioned explosions) is how it sucks you into the Middle East.  Peter renders this far away world with respect for its people and culture.   It feels very well researched and authentic.  Although, I have to admit I’m not the best judge if it is or not, but it feels real and thats the important bit.

I’d babble about it more but you should really read it for yourself: Hard Graft

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