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Yup, I’m Still a Gamer

You know that guy?  The guy who’s super driven and successful; that doesn’t even flinch at the thought of working 12 hours a day or more.  I’m not him.  Sometimes I try to be.  Sometime I say, “Dan, starting today, you are going to live, eat, sleep and breath the comic.  You are going to come home from work, eat dinner, then sit down and write 4 to 5 pages a night.”  And you know what my brain says back?  ”Fuck you.”

Usually I give myself a bit of time between chapters of the script to goof off and recharge.  This time I tried to power through and go directly from 6 to 7 so I can rewrite chapter 5 with the events of those later chapters in mind.  It didn’t work, my brain went on vacation anyway.  I’ve got two pages to show for all last week.

What have I been doing?  I had been struck by a sudden craving for GAMING. Every time I opened my word processor I immediately tab back to my browse to look for something shiny.   They don’t need to be good games, they just had to be games.  I started with Farmville of all things!    I then worked my way through most of Facebook’s flash offerings.  These “social games” are really weird things.  There is no real challenge to over come, no real way to fail.  Simplified, you click something and you get stuff, if you want the good stuff though you have to either buy it or get twelve of your friend to sign up.  When I realized this, all of these games suddenly lost all of their appeal and it looked like I might get my brain to behave and get some work done after all.

Then I clicked an ad and my weekend was gone.

The link was to Backyard Monsters a RTS, tower defense hybrid that is hideously addictive once you start attacking other folks.  It hit my itch dead center. It’s both competitive and challenging as you have to build your base to be as well defended as possible while building armies that will penetrate deep into the bases of your enemies as you try to liberate their hard earned resources.  Resources are slow to harvest, so raiding other players is essential for fast growth.  It’s a lot of fun and even Amanda’s gotten into it.

Now the itch has been scratched and I’m back to work on the script again (without alt tabbing back to Facebook too often).  This is why I try to work with such large buffer.  I’ll never be “that guy,” but thanks to the buffer and planning I don’t have to be him to bring you the comic on time every week.

Also I’m proud to say nobody’s been able to squish my base yet.  Think you can?  Friend me on Facebook and grab some goo.  I’ll even help you build your base up before I crush you like a bug.

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