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Talkin’ bout Comics: Where the sun don’t shine edition

I finished up the rough drafted of issue 6 last night and I’m going to give me brain a day off so I can highlight some kick-ass webcomics.  Let’s start with Steve Dismukes’s Dark Places, my favorite dark fantasy comic.  Steve is taking a different and frankly quite ballsy approach to telling his story.  Instead of focusing on a single narrative, each chapter thus far has focused on a new set of characters and has told a separate story within the Dark Places world.  Now approaching the end of the third chapter, we are starting to see the richness of the dangers that this world holds.  Steve has mentioned that there is an overarching plot, but the stories so far are strong enough to stand on their own merits.  He is a very talented storyteller in addition to his strong artistic skills.

Steve’s no slouch in the art department either and has rendered Dark Places in a style that is unique to the internet.  The stark black and white style with its endless shadows gives Dark Places the feeling that literally anything could emerge from that blackness.  Objects are frequently defined by their negative space.  It gives the entire comic this moody, creepy look that fits the stories perfectly.

Go read it:

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