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Pink Pops!

We’re heading to Pink Pop this weekend!  Going to see Green Day, Mika and Pink and many more.  I’m particularly excited to see Greenday, whom I’ve never seen in concert before despite that their one of the two band I feel I have grown up with, the other being Offspring.  Both bands have had their up and downs through the years just as I have.  Neither is the same as they were, but I’m not a geeky high schooler anymore either so I don’t hold it against them.

June in generally is looking to be a very busy month and I’m not sure how much time I’ll be able to find to blog.  Neverfear though, the comic is already locked and loaded.  However, if you want to see what I’m up to you can follow me on twitter here: @fallenkittenpro.  Thank you all for reading!

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