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The Curtain Falls

And so ends the first chapter of Walking the Lethe!  The first of many!  Issue 2 is already loaded into the buffer and I’m about halfway done lettering Issue 3.  Thank you all for taking the time to read the story so far.  The cover for chapter 2 will be posted on Thursday and the story will continue on Monday.

I’ve got a few announcements!

First, Issue 1 is now in print and on sale here! Its 4 USD or 4 Euros depending on where you want it shipped to.  The book came out very nicely and feels quite solid for a 24 page book.  We only printed a 100 of these so get them while they last.

If you have enjoyed the story and want to help us out, please help us tell the world of about the comic via either your favorite social networking medium or even better, grab a physical friend, tie them to a chair and make them read our little archive!  (Or you could ask them nicely to go to the website, that works too.)

Another way to help out is by becoming a supporter of the site HERE.  Supporters get to read an issue ahead of everyone else, get larger comics, access to supporter exclusive art and 20% off all merch!

Cheers All!

Dan Potter

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