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New Wallpaper Art: Wendy By Robin Hoelzemann

Hey all,

Today we have a new wallpaper available in Supporter’s section and to anyone willing to donate 2 bucks!  A portrait of our high powered but currently hapless Lawyer, Wendy done by the extremely talented Robin Hoelzemann.  I met Robin at THING! a month or so ago where she blew me away with a minicomic from her upcoming webcomic: Curia Regis.  The detail she gets from her pure black and white style is amazing, She does more with straight black and white to render her world than Dylan Meconis, creator of the Family Man does with gray scale.  And yes, her work is definitely on that level.  I eagerly await to see more of Curia Regis and hope Robin starts putting it online soon.

From here on out I’ll be putting up a new wallpaper for Supporters and donors every month or so.  I’m hoping for the majority of them to be done by fellow webcomics creators and eventually build up a great collection of varying styles.

Thank you for reading!


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