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Booking it from the book fest!

Once per year the Book Fest comes to Maastricht, bringing cheap books for all and a very large english selection.  Loving books and being cheapskates Amanda and I went and got ourselves a sizable haul.  Unfortunately I was not able to acquire any of the reader commended books nor any Dresden books.   I picked up a few softcovers, including a copy of the original Dracula, which several people I know have been menacing me with whiffle bats to encourage me to read.  Most of what we picked up were reference books on topics ranging from dutch, to graphic design to huge book on tiny mythical beasties.

However, this particular table might be of particular interest to you dear readers:

You are looking at a very long table of Dutch (and French translated into Dutch) comics that are all more than half off the normal price.  The beauty of some of these books cannot be understated.  The comics are sold in Albums, which measure 9 x 12.5 inches, have about 48 to 60 pages and are full color.  New ones were four euro and old ones were two.  Despite the language barrier I could not resist picking up a few to “practice my dutch.”

I picked up three titles: Gabrielle, Jerry Mail and Margo in Badtown.  I’m currently decoding Gabrielle which has jaw dropping art as it follows the Archangel Gabrielle on a seemingly random murder spree through a steampunkish world.  I’m not sure what the heck is going on yet, the dutch is a bit difficult for my second grade reading level.  When I figure it out I’ll post a review and some sample pages with you.  I’m not entirely sure if its part of an ongoing series or not yet.  Hopefully I’ll figure it all out by thursday.  Here’s the cover for you to marvel at:

If anyone knows a bit more background about this series or the artist please let us know in the comments.


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