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Webcomic Thing! And whew…

I finally finished the bulk of chapter four’s script this morning before work.  Been working on it fairly nonstop for the last two weeks.  Now I get to come up for air and tell you what I should have been talking about a month ago.

Next weekend Mandy and I are taking the train London and exhibiting at Thing! 2010.  For this con I’ve had about 50 copies of chapter one printed up (yay!) but they are stuck in customs (boo).  I keep waiting for a ransom note from customs but I’m not that confident they’ll be released in time for the con.  What we will have is plenty of flyers, a kick ass poster and a few prints.  We will have copies of the comic available one way or another.  I’m looking into a local digital printer, so we’ll either use them for a quick run of twenty copies or try our hands at making ashcan versions of this first issue.

This will be our time exhibiting anywhere and we’re hopeful that it will be alot of fun.  Thing! seems to have a great community around it and there will be some really big names there like Tom Siddell of Gunnerkrigg Court who actually  has the table right across from us!  So if you see a mob of people in the center of the floor that’s probably near where we are at table 35.  If you live near London come to the con and see us!  Look for the big butterfly on a stick.

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