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Web and Mini Comix THING!

Note the singular lack of fire and destruction.

This was our first con as an exhibitor and it went very very well.  Our choice of “B&B” is a different story altogether but lets focus on the comics here.  THING! is a small, 1-day  show, with about eighty exhibitors making it a perfect place to test the waters.  We found the water at THING! to be warm, comfortable and containing about four percent alcohol.  The show went quite well.  We arrived at around nine and setup our first con table ever and to our great surprise, nothing bad happened. Even Flutt stayed put, held aloft with a string and a double helping of tape.

Once the doors opened people started to trickle in.  We said hello to all the folks that paused to peer at our wares, handed them a flier and, if they didn’t flee after that, we encouraged them to buy something.  And you know what?  A fair number of them did.

I’ve heard so many horror stories about people’s first cons where they sold nothing.  It didn’t happen here.  This was a great experience, talking to people about Walking the Lethe, about Amanda’s new business and having people purchase the comic after I told them it was a free webcomic.  Thank you people!  As the show closed, Amanda and I were energized and doubly committed to making Fallen Kitten Productions a success.  This is combined with the added thrill of a traffic boost  on Monday which means folks from THING! are checking us out online.  So thank you and welcome!

Before and beyond the show we met some awesome comics people from both the UK and some closer to home.  Got to bask in the humble glory of Tom Siddell of Gunnerkrigg Court.  Special shout outs to Mal of Famprint, Dan Wild, Prestwick of Hard Graft, Sarah Burrini of Life Ain’t No Pony farm, Steve Dismukes of Darkplaces, Sam Johnson creator of Geek Girl, David and Arthur of Zip gun Comics.  Everyone really helped make the trip worthwhile.

I hope to see everyone again next year.

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