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Talkin’ About Comics: The Hidden Gem Edition.

I found a comic over the weekend that I just have to share.  Its The Bean by Travis Hanson.  Its an example of a classic concept executed nearly flawlessly and with enough wrinkles that it feels fresh.  Bean is a 12 year old orphan owned/raised by Gort, ogre innkeeper in a world which is in the midsts of recovering from a devastating war.  Within the inn is an apparently volatile mix of humans, the kindly trollish cook and the surly innkeeper, they all function as one very large dysfunctional family.  The interplay among them all is absolutely delicious.  I’m particularly fascinated by Gort, who in one moment is a greedy bastard with a temper problem but every once in a while he’ll say or do something that seems to hint at a deeper and perhaps kinder purpose.   Then Gort will open his mouth again and dispel any doubt that he’s an asshole.  I do hope Gort continues to have a role in the story and doesn’t fade away as Bean’s adventure gets under way.

And as Bean’s adventure does get up and running, starting from a mission to gather mushrooms for the cook’s pot, Travis amps his art up to 10 on the awesome meter.  The lushness of his inks are nothing short of jaw dropping as Bean wanders through the forest and encounters a villain that your either going to love or he’s going to drive you nuts.  Go check it out.

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