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Its the Bug!

We’re in full prep mode for the Web and mini comix THING! in London this weekend.  We’ve got the first issue/chapter of Walking the Lethe in 8 x 10 books, flyers, color prints of the first three covers and this:

The White Butterfly, Walking the Lethe’s mascot in giant origami form!   Amanda has occasional bouts of origami mania and hit upon the idea after she had run out of room on her desk for the paper flower garden.  Originally  we were going to use tons of tiny ones as flyers but the chaos the little guys would inflict on our orderly (HAH!) table was just too much to bare so we decided on just making a single huge one to fly above our heads on our camera tripod.  So began the month long quest for largest piece of paper in Maastricht.  She found it this afternoon in a store called Peter van Ginkel, the unfolded sheets were about a meter wide.

In person it looks very nice and should make our table easy to spot.  We should name her.  I’m thinking “Flut!” because that would probably be the sound she makes when the tape gives out and she crashes onto our heads at the con.  Any other suggestions?

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