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Talkin’ bout Comics: Blood and Boobs Edition

Some comics are just fun.  And in the case of Locus by Adam Black, its fun that goes all the way to guilty pleasure.  Hot heroine fights topless with a sword, check. Fun, over the top villains sliced into itty bitty pieces.  Compelling, ballsy story, check.  Yep you read that right, underneath the stylish, slightly retro  Heavy Metal artwork is an actual story you can sink your teeth into and care about the main characters.

Adam’s only be at this gig for a year and a half but has already manage to put eight, full color chapters/issues online and barring a few site issues updates without fail three days a week.  The story of Locus’ birth is just completing, a five issue arc that has really fleshed out the incredible world Adam as built.  Check it out: Locus

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