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So where was I yesterday?

I was recovering from this:
This weekend was/is Carnival here in Maastritcht, our first.  The town has exploded with color.  Random marching bands are roving the streets, jamming to a slightly drunken beat.

So we cobbled together some costumes and went out into the throng of party-ers.

We found quite the party!

Met some new friends!
And generally had great time.  The costumes are absolutely amazing, its like a mythical city wide halloween party, with newborns to ancient folk decked out.  Its very difficult to find some one who isn’t smiling.  Here are a few more pictures of some impressive sights:

This lady won the award for most colorful costume that I saw.
There were a few nods to the classics.
And the drinks were good.  No poison detected.

All in All, a reason to love where we live.

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