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New wallpaper and welcome Exiern Readers!

Just noticed that Drowemos of Exiern dropped us a link in his blog so I’d like to welcome any readers that are coming in from there.  Feel free to leave a comment or ask questions about the comic.

Drowemos has been a great source of advice for me while I was developing Walking the Lethe.  He graciously shredded some of the first scripts for Walking the Lethe and has continued to act as a good sounding board for zany ideas.  If you haven’t checked out his comic, Exiern yet I recommend you do for a great combination of wit and eyecandy.

Speaking of Eyecandy, how would you like to get a good look at Astria?  I’m proud to preview the first of many supporter only bonuses, a wallpaper featuring a humorous take on Astria, done by Ludovic Mercier, a good friend of mine.

Here’s a preview:

Astria "toys" with Richard

Thank you all!

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