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Ah Dutch Life

I’ve been here for almost a year now and my favorite thing about living in Maastricht is still the waffles.  These particular waffles are from a PNKY, a candy store on the corner of the main shopping drag in Maastricht.  These are suiker(sugar) waffles that have been filled with chocolate.  They come hot from the iron and then three chocolate sticks are placed in the middle of the waffle.  The chocolate then melts.  A warm and gooey slice of heaven right there that as far as I’ve seen is purely a Limbergian delight.

Now I know you’re saying, “But those are Begluim waffles!”

“Nuh uh!” I’ll tell you back and perhaps stick out my tongue at you.  Belgium waffles are good too, never let it be said that the Belgium  waffles are not the definition of tasty, but they put all their strawberry and chocolate goodness on the outside of the waffle.  While this good, its not especially convenient, it is served in a plastic trough and generally requires a fork to eat with any grace at all!   The PNKY waffle requires no such apparatus as it is served on a single piece of wax paper and can be immediately picked up and chomped into with worry of stains, as seen in figure 1.  (Although brushing all the powdered sugar off your front after the waffle has been devoured is highly recommended.)

They are an all season snack, although on the occasional warm summer day a cold soda is a very good pairing.  I’ve heard rumor they are water resistant too but I have been unable/unwilling to risk spoiling such a precious thing by exposing to the frequent rain here.  Instead I protect it from the rain, hunching over like the troll that lives under the bridge in the center of town.  I occasionally see him eating a waffle but I never see him in line.

I know he shall not have mine.

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